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I was recently gifted this statement necklace by a friend & it's safe to say, I'm in love! I'm not big on blingy jewellery but I love statement necklaces paired with a simple outfit. I think it can make the outfit simple, chic & frankly a little more interesting.

Here are a few statement necklaces off Pinterest, I love the way they are styled!

Anyone have a particular piece of statement jewellery that they love?

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  1. Oh wow I love these necklaces! They make such a statement, I'm on the look out for one to wear to my sixth form prom :) Great post!

    If you have a spare minute, I've recently uploaded my first OOTD on Youtube, the link is on my latest post. I'd love it if you could take a look, maybe give me feedback and/or like & subscribe! Lucy xx

  2. So many gorgeous necklaces here. Like you I wasn't too into blingy jewellery but some of these designs are so gorgeous and they can totally transform an otherwise boring outfit.

  3. i don't know why, but i particularly love the plain white necklace! so gorgeous.

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  4. such a lovely necklace your friend got you :)

  5. great necklaces!

  6. Pretty necklace! I've learned to not buy jewellery though, because I never end up wearing it haha.

  7. Your necklace is absolutely gorgeous! My favourite of the bunch I think!

    Kylie x

  8. Oh your new necklace is SO pretty.. and so are all the other statement pieces you've gathered together. :) I used to think huge jewelry are way over the top, but lately I've bought at least 5 of them :D

    Indie by heart

  9. AH YES. I have been meaning to collect more huge necklaces, I love them so.

  10. I love these necklaces! Especially yours-I usually have troubling finding statement pieces that I like. May I ask where your friend got it?


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