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For my birthday, my lovely aunt & cousins bought me this gorgeous recipe book. It's called Peggy Porschens Baking Boutique & is filled with her stunning photos of her yummy cakes & delicious pastries & her journey of how she started making cakes to starting her own boutique!

I wanted to have a go at these cute christmas cookies but seems as its still November & it was late I opted for the hot chocolate instead.

Just by following the instructions I has the sweetest, creamiest hot chocolate in my cup & it tasted amazing! I really wish I had a nicer photo to do it justice & make some cookies but this was all at 11pm... Will have to make them another time next month! 

Hope you all had a good day! 



  1. Wow what a great book I'm sure you'll get to make some awesome cakes with the help of its recipes. No recipe will help me though I'm a terrible baker!

    Happy belated birthday xx

    Tia xx

  2. Love baking recipes, really got me in the mood to bake something right now.

    x Angie

  3. This post just reminds me I need to invest in more cooking books! I'm loving this one and all those desserts! My stomach is grumbling already!


  4. OMG, I adore cakes and all kind of pastries, and I love you blog, so cute x

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  5. ah this looks so good! I might just have to purchase this and get some baking done! xxx

  6. they all look so good, wish i wasnt on a stoopid diet otherwise i would bake something really yummy! lol

  7. This books looks amazing, I want one!

  8. Oh mine, looks like a great recipe book. Wonderful present.

  9. This book looks great! ^^ thanks for sharing :)

  10. This looks so good!!!
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    The Fashion Heels

  11. that hot white chocolate with vanilla sounds amazing. I'm crazy for anything with vanilla.

  12. Omg her shop is so pretty, it's an absolute pastel dream!

  13. O! I really want to look more inside this book :) The little pastel cookies and bundt cake look so sweet. Thanks for sharing it <3

  14. This looks amazing I will have to look for it on Amazon
    I am your newest follower, follow back?


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