For April

Just thought I would share this photo of my bag. By wearing a pink ribbon you are showing the support of finding April Jones. You can see them everywhere around my town at the moment as that beautiful little girl was stolen not even an hour,s drive away from my house. There are no children playing on the streets anymore & everyones fingers are crossed that she is well & returned to her family. Our whole area is in tears and shock & I can't even bear to imagine what her family is going through. This post is for every person who was stolen, abducted, lost, & never found & to their families. I am honestly ashamed to share a planet with the monsters who steal these people's lives & happiness.

Support April by wearing a Pink bow.



  1. Reading this entry reminded me of The Lovely Bones. =(

  2. so heartbreaking. i'm sure april's family really appreciates all the support from the community. pink bows for april. love it.


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