Eva Green 

"I love photo shoots where I can be like a pinup, not myself. Where I can be feminine, glamorous, dark ... not like in real life. I hate it when you go in and they want you to be 'natural,' to be yourself. I just hate it. I love having fun. When they ask you to smile, I hate it. Of course I smile in my real life, but to do it on cue, that's not spontaneous. I'd rather do something that's like a little movie, like a little story, rather than just me, I feel naked."

I haven't done a post on favourite actresses in a while & thought I would do one on one of my faveourite french actresses (I have three!). 

I first saw Eva as Vesper Lynd, the beautiful new Bond girl & let's just say I fell in love with her. I loved that she wasn't a bond girl with a silly name & that she was intelligent, witty & didn't play the damsel in distress. I then saw her in the Dreamers, an arty indie film & she plays her characters so well. & of course she is stunningly beautiful, she is so classically chic. & is it weird that I love her voice?

I love her approach to acting & think she is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. I love that she is grounded and mysterious but has a secret eccentric side.



  1. I love Eva Green! She is so beautiful and talented!

  2. she's gorgeous! I love her in Casino Royale


  3. She was amazing on Casino Royale and in Dark Shadows! She's a very beautiful woman

  4. nice blog
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  5. what a beautiful beautiful model! so classy, thanks for sharing xx

    a thousand million words

  6. Hey, thanks so much for following my blog :) yours is beautiful, I read through like 3 pages of it in one go xoxo

  7. Beautiful! You do look a lot like her :)

  8. I love her, The Dreamers is one of my fav films :) xx

  9. lovely pic, very inspiring.

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  10. I never saw her in anything but the Bond movie. But she certainly is pretty and I know what you mean about her being mysterious. She has that too :)

  11. She is super pretty and inspiring! I am also loving the amazing bookshelf from your previous post, so cool! Hope you are having a beautiful day!
    xo Hannah

  12. I agree with you.
    She is so sexy and feminine. She has that kind of original beauty that fascinates me so much.

  13. she is so beautiful <33

    X Jenny

  14. Eva green is so talented!

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