I have all of a sudden taken a fancy to this royal blue colour. It makes me happy on these gray days & this dress would be fantasic for the upcoming festive holidays!

This jumper would keep me sooo warm! I am obsessed with jumpers when this wintry season comes around & this one is perfect.

I love this dainty skirt. I would plan wearing some thick, warm tights & my boots for sure.
& this simple blouse & shorts look so pretty together. On the warmer days these would be great haha.

I love UO jewelry! They have some stunning stuff! I am in love with these two pieces at the moment. Anything with stones or gems & patterns & I want it!

I love Urban Outfitters so much. Their clothes never fail to make me yearn for them as soon as I leave the premises. The fabrics, styles & patterns don't leave my head for days. Putting all of the above on my wish list for santa ;)


  1. Thanks a lot for your sweet comment & following my blog :]
    And that i'm in your 'inspiring people'-list! I really appreciate that!
    I hope you will enjoy following my blog

  2. Urban Outfitters has the best stuff. I really love their housewares stuff, too. However, I can't afford ANY of it :(

    Mabel Time

  3. Love the jumper & the blouse :) In fact, I love UO, especially their homewares, and their sales are amazing!x

  4. I love U.O.! That first dress is beautiful!!!

  5. i loveee that first lace dress! :)

  6. Oh, the jumper, it really looks like it starts to snow right away when I see it.

    Thank you for your nice comment.

  7. Ohh! I love the blue jumper O_O however i do no think my wallet would love the price >_< xxx

  8. So much pretty-ness :) That first dress is beautiful, and I love that white blouse too!

  9. That jumper is gorgeous, it's such a lovely colour. I realised the other day I only have about 3 jumpers, definitely need to stock up on some more before it starts snowing!

  10. Great picks from UO, i think ive only purchased from them once due to being in AUS, >_< and i loved their items i just wish shipping costs were not so expensive!


  11. lovely pieces, I totally adore the blue jumper <3

  12. shes amazing
    love the stuff especially blue jumper :>

  13. Love all the clothes, especially that lovely blouse!


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